Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend gaming: Destiny Beta (Xbox One)

I played the Destiny Beta... a lot... 

If you are wondering my thoughts I can sum this up real easy for you - I will be there, day one, on September 9th. Destiny took me into unfamiliar, shooter and I loved every bit of it.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Gaming: Destiny Beta (PS3), Uncharted 3 & Titanfall

Lots of pew-pew-pewing this week - some multiplayer, some MMO and some that moved like molasses. Progress was made in Uncharted 3, matches were played in Titanfall, and MMO-ing was MMO'ed in the Destiny Beta. Hit the jump for the skinny.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekend Gaming: The Last of Us, The Last of Us DLC & Uncharted 3

It was a Naughty Dog party for me last week around these parts. I finished The Last of Us, tackled the game's Left Behind DLC and then caught back up with Drake & Sully in Uncharted 3. I've also accepted the fact that I'll eventually be purchasing a PS4 to play whatever new titles Naughty Dog cares to release on the system in the future. Anyhow, lets get on with it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Plastic Pickups: Mola Ram One Coin Figure from Kotobukya

At a recent toy show I happened upon a Mola Ram Mighty Muggs figure which the dealer was willing to let go for $10. It was tempting, but as much as I love Mola Ram I wasn't crazy about that particular figure. Later that day I curiously browsed eBay to see what other Mola Ram collectibles may be floating about. That is when I came across this Mola Ram One Coin figure from Kotobukiya and promptly snatched it up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Final Thoughts: Reflecting upon The Last of Us (SPOILERS)

Late to the party, sure - but I finally wrapped up The last of Us on PS3. The game has left me emotionally wrecked, with plenty of baggage I need to get off my chest in order to come to terms with what I just experienced. The Last of Us is a phenomenal game that is tense and stressful yet impossible to put down. The 18 hours I spent along with Joel and Ellie weighed heavy on my shoulders and while I'm sad it's over, I'm thankful it's come to an end.

Want List: New Despicable Me Minion Action Figures from Thinkway Toys

Photo stolen from eBay
7/10/14 Update: The Minions are available to order on-line from ToysRUs.Co.Uk

Looks like a second wave of posable, Despicable Me action figures from Thinkway are beginning to surface at retail. I first got wind of these on Instagram, but have yet to see them in stores. Just like last time though, eBay is fast filling up with auctions for the new figures. I'm not sure how many are in the new series, but here is what I've found so far.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Gaming: The Last of Us & Borderlands 2 Vita

My weekend gaming posts have been on a bit of a hiatus, mostly due to the fact that I haven't been playing all that much. At least that was the case until this past weekend. I dumped a ton of time into The Last of Us, hooked on the game like a junkie on smack. I also continued leveling up my Mechromancer in Borderlands 2 on Vita. Suffice it to say, weekend gaming is back.