Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Currently Listening: TomorrowLounge - The Sounds of Tomorrow Today!

Currently working my way through this 22 track collection of retro, sci-fi tunes (assembled by Richard Terpstra) and I feel as if I should be sitting at the SciFi Dine In at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Very 'future sounds from yesteryear' type of sound which makes for great background music when you're chained to your desk. Reminds me of those Ultra Lounge collections from way back when. 

A good mix of music here, with some fun, upbeat numbers in the bunch as well as a few gems for Disney nuts such as myself. The compilation is available as a free download from Richard's blog, DesignerLand so there is nothing stopping you from enjoying the songs yourself. 

Being quite an epic graphic designer, Richard also whipped up the fantastic cover art seen above. Be sure to check out his blog for other Disney Design inspired art and music. 

Track Listing:
  1. Les Baxter - Shooting Star
  2. Sid Bass - From Another World
  3. The Voices of Walter Schumann - The Comets
  4. Sid Bass - How High the Moon
  5. Frank Comstock - On the Dark Side of the Moon
  6. Russ Garcia and his Orchestra - Into Space
  7. Russ Garcia - Venus
  8. Lex Baxter and Samuel J. Hoffman - Celestial Nocturne
  9. Lex Baxter and Samuel J. Hoffman - Lunar Rhapsody
  10. The Voices of Walter Schumann - Space Station
  11. Mineo, Attileo - Boeing Spacearium Instrumental
  12. The Voices of Walter Schumann - New Frontiers
  13. Russ Garcia and his Orchestra - Red Sands of Mars
  14. Marty Manning - The Moon is Low
  15. The Science Fiction Corporation - Visitors of A.D. 2022
  16. Russ Garcia and his Orchestra - Lost Souls of Saturn
  17. Marty Manning - The Lost Weekend Theme
  18. Mineo, Attileo - Around the World Instrumental
  19. The Science Fiction Corporation - Galactic Adventures of the Outer Space Fleet "Hope"
  20. Jimmie Haskell - Hydrazine
  21. The Voices of Walter Schumann - The HEavens
  22. Frank Comstock - When You Wish Upon A Star

Download here