Monday, July 8, 2013

Plastic Pickups: Despicable Me 2: McDonalds Happy Meal Minion Toys / Figures

From cereal boxes to fast food, Minion collectible figures can be found everywhere. McDonalds is currently offering several Minion figures in their children's Happy Meals. While I do my best to avoid fast food, I made a b-line to the closest McDonalds once these figures hit restaurants to check them out for myself.
At first, I wasn't sure if the Minions had actually arrived - but then I caught site of the promotional material around the McDonalds.

It's been decades since I've last seen a Happy Meal, so I was a little disappointed to learn that they no longer come in the classic, iconic boxes. I was hoping for some Despicable Me inspired artwork but my Happy Meal was delivered in a generic, no-frills, to-go bag. At least the Minions in this McDonalds commercial were still able to get their boxes.

While the bag might have been Minion-less, the apple slices included in my Happy Meal at least were up to the Despicable Me task. Too bad they didn't offer banana slices as an option as well as that would have been perfect Minion synergy.

The figures come sealed in poly bags with their name & number printed on the outside. The eight, random figures available in the US consist of 6 Minions and 2 Evil Minions and are as follows:

From left to right
  1. Tom Babbler
  2. Phil Jelly Whistle
  3. Dave Banana Babbler
  4. Jerry Whizzer Whistle
  5. Purple Minion Noisemaker
  6. Tim Giggling
  7. Purple Minion Giggling
  8. Stuart Blaster

The Minions range in size from 2.5 to 3.5 inches and each features their own, individual action/gimmick. Tom Babbler and Dave Banana Babbler are probably to picks of the litter when it comes to actions as they feature short snippets of Minion audio.

Stuart Blaster and the giggling minions on the other hand are pretty terrible in the action department. To see a full run down of how the Minions work head on over to

Actions aside, the Minions all look quite decent. They are made of thin, stiff plastic but feel durable enough to be played with by a child. A few of the figures have articulating arms at the shoulder, but the bulk are static toys aside from their 'action' items.

The level of detail isn't tremendous, but it's delightful enough to capture these lovable characters.

For Despicable Me and Minion fans, these collectibles are well worth seeking out - especially for the price. They aren't the highest quality figures, but perfectly in line with what you'd expect from a Happy meal toy. I was happy to add them to my ever growing, Minion collection.

Super collectors might want to know that there are some variations on the figure sets for different regions. has all the info. I might just have to try and track down one of those Carl Rock Skateboard Minions.

Happy Hunting.